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AEEF Introduction

Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF)

AEEF recognizing and promoting excellence across a wide array of industries and disciplines, establishing itself as a platform for the acknowledgement of the best brand in Asia.

Who We Are

Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) established in 2011 by Malaysia media tycoon Dato' Seri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan, at Hong Kong. AEEF is an International Non-Profit Business Organisation which aiming gathers all elites and promote to the succeed new era. Read More


Golden Phoenix Award 2019

Golden Phoenix Award to recognizes such women make a huge contribution in fields as diverse as business, entrepreneurship and social and humanitarian work. The first awards show took place on September 6, 2013 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Read More