About us

President’s Message

Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) is a non-governmental, non-profit entrepreneurship oriented organization. Ever since its incorporation the organization has upheld and encouraged entrepreneurship spirit and the development of entrepreneurs in Asia, fostering the noble culture of integrity, unprejudiced stance, and responsibility, on a mission to contribute to humanity and economy for the people of Asia.  On top of that AEFF has become the new platform for business networking and social acquaintance on its journey to take its place as the leader in the business world of Asia.

To achieve sustainable growth, the state of economy depends not only on a country’s policies but also the advancement of humanities and balance in civilization. The spirit of entrepreneurship and the willingness to cooperate are the vital elements that  we needed imperatively to maintain sustainability. Hence, that is the reason we constantly organized programs both big and small to propel the development and educate the people of Asia to new heights. In the same time we are providing top-drawer platforms for business networking for our fellow compatriots, evolving into a catalyst for various countries to collaborate, establishing industrial chains with mutual benefits and enhancing international trade relationships, realizing the ideology of a world without borders. We strongly believe that the future of Asia will thus become more promising and assured.

Today, it brings me great honour and pleasure to present to you the official website of AEEF. The main objective of this website is to have a genuine stage to link up all the elite entrepreneurs, in the same time to be the invaluable source of reliable knowledge for transnational and intercontinental businesses. We can all anticipate that the pool of information will grow together with the increase of members, contributing directly to various corporations and consumers. Last but not least, it is my hope that members from every country continue to support the development of this Federation, and my sincere wishes to every member from the Asian countries have achieve enduring growth and extensive prosperity.

Thank you.

Prof. Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan
World President of AEEF