Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

“Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year Awards” is organized by Top Corporate Leader Magazine in the collaboration with Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF). The copyright of the award is owned by HWT Group.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine is the most influential commercial leadership magazine in Malaysia. The magazine is published in 100,000 copies each issue and is sold all over the countries in Asia. Initiated by the editorial department of Top Corporate Leader, “Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year Awards” wants to tell the world about the business culture in Malaysia. Despite of this, the purposes in organizing this award are to promote entrepreneurial culture in Malaysia, encourage outstanding entrepreneurs to have better performance in the industry and provide broader spaces for business development.

The award is open to local entrepreneurs and professionals to share their achievements, business idea and experience to contribute back to the society. “Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of the Year Awards” will become an annual business event in Malaysia to promote economic and social development.

The event will be attended by government leaders, chamber of commerce leaders, well-known economists, professors, state ambassadors, outstanding local and foreign entrepreneurs, celebrities and society elites. The winners will be receiving the awards on that day.


  • To recognise the contribution made by the entrepreneurs to the country’s economy.
  • To create a positive energy “launch centre” in Malaysia by business elites.
  • To promote entrepreneurial culture and social development in Malaysia.


  • To maintain the righteous of Malaysia business.
  • To encourage the ongoing effort among entrepreneurs.
  • To encourage self-reliance among Malaysia entrepreneurs.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Malaysia Top 20 Inspirational Entrepreneur Awards
  • Malaysia Top 20 Young Entrepreneur Awards
  • Malaysia Top 20 Creative Entrepreneur Awards.