Top Corporate Leader Award

Top Corporate Leader Award elebrated annually in April, recognizes the business leader who makes his or her vision a reality for the company – driving growth, success and profitability. Qualities including innovation, community service, management skills and the leader’s ability to formulate strategies and capitalize on key trends are key judging criteria.

This is a significant award for the business leaders the most established and prestigious programme for World business leaders around the World.

Now, the awards have promoted the achievements of these leaders to millions and created role models for the next generation. Over the years, the awards have forged wider relationships with Asia media and the brand has become synonymous with inspiring youth to become successful.


  • As a mark of recognition toward the achievements acquired by the entrepreneur/business leadership.
  • As a mark of honour and encouragement to the entrepreneur and leaders.
  • Development of new leaders and upgrading of existing leaders.
  • As catalyst of growth for region’s economic driver.