Asia Honesty Award 2015

16Dec 2015


The most influential business award in Asia-Asia Honesty Award has once again established in Kuala Lumpur with 500 of the Asian top entrepreneurs and the accompany of CCTV filming “Overseas Chinese” today. Asia Honesty Award is established by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), core organized by HWT group. Till now, over 1000 enterprises in Asia had been awarded due to their understanding business and management with honesty. Asia Honesty Award is a symbol of honesty which had been pursued by most of the enterprises and customer. We are also been recognized as the “Nobel prizes in business” by major media and institutions.

Along with the development of Asia economy, honesty is now more precious than ever. Honesty is not only a moral behaviour, a responsibility, a code of conduct; it is also an invisible asset, a resource that benefits and lead to an unbeatable enterprise. As a top Asian business organization, Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) has been receiving enthusiastic response since the first establishment in 2012. We have successfully surge up a new tide in business field and rebuild a new definition of “Honesty”

There are 3 main categories of the Asia Honesty Award to be commended: Asia Honesty Enterprise Award, Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award and Asian Honest Product Award. If nominees passed with 3 prizes, they will be commended with Asia Top 100 Honesty Brand Award. After whole year of nomination and examination, there are 158 units and enterprises successfully stand out of a crowd this year.