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Asia Honesty Award 2015 - International Media Coverage

20Jan 2016
The greatest congratulations to all the Asia Honesty Award 2015 winner. Asia Honesty Award is once again being acknowledged as "The Nobel Prize of Business". This award has been presented in several international media, to extend the business integrity spirit and to bring forward the motivation on success. The following link is part of the mainstream media coverage. 【央视网 CCTV】 http://gxtv.cntv.cn/2016/01/05/ARTI1451985698371669.shtml 【中国新闻网 China News】 http://www.ah.chinanews.com.cn/article-54069-1.html 【中国网】 http://jjzg.china.com.cn/2016-01/05/content_8495864.htm… 【中国商务新闻网 Comnews】 http://rs.comnews.cn/html/2016/minsheng_0105/5281.html…

Golden Phoenix Award 2015 - International Media Coverage

20Jan 2016
The greatest congratulations to all the Golden Phoenix Award 2015 winner. This award has been presented in several international media, to extend the women's enterpreneurs spirit and to bring forward the motivation on women's success. The following is the mainstream media coverage from different nationalities (including winners list). 【央视网 CCTV】 http://yueyu.cntv.cn/2015/09/29/ARTI1443491422862818.shtml 【腾讯 QQ】 http://topic.qq.com/a/20150929/028195.htm 【网易 163】 http://help.3g.163.com/0406/15/0929/10/B4M2HDSS0406002E.html 【新浪 Sina】 http://nmg.sina.com.cn/n…/shenghuo/2015-09-29/095456614.html 【搜狐 Sohu】 http://mt.sohu.com/20150929/n422334942.shtml 【凤凰网 Ifeng】 http://sn.ifeng.com/…/new…/detail_2015_09/29/4405428_0.shtml 【中国新闻网 ChinaNews】 http://www.jx.chinanews.com.cn/2015/0929/858430.html 【中国网 China.com.cb】 http://u.zp.china.com.cn/news-41647-1.html 【MSN】 http://home.msn.fang.com/news/2015-09-29/17535216.htm The following is the mainstream media coverage from different nationalities (excluding winners list). 【有线宽频 I-Cable-吴君如金凤奖感言视频】 http://ent.i-cable.com/cen/news_video/index.php… 【央视网 CCTV】 http://yueyu.cntv.cn/2015/09/29/ARTI1443491422862818.shtml 【必应 Bing】 http://www.bing.com/yingxiangli/user?id=1000255&mkt=zh-CN 【网易 163】 http://ent.163.com/15/0927/03/B4G5VSLS00032KMI.html 【新浪 Sina】 http://news.sina.com.tw/article/20150927/15242089.html 【搜狐 Sohu】 http://mt.sohu.com/20150929/n422334942.shtml 【明报 MingPao】 http://news.mingpao.com/…/art…/20150927/s00016/1443291037080 【头条新闻 stHeadLine】 http://hd.stheadline.com/news/daily/ent/378483/ 【星岛日报 SingTaoUSA】 http://www.singtaousa.com/…/post-%E8%8F%AF%E4%BB%94%E5%90…/… 【澳门日报 MacaoDaily】 http://www.macaodaily.com/html/2015-09/…/content_1032010.htm 【加拿大名声报 CanadaMingShengBao】 http://www.mingshengbao.com/van/article.php?aid=339359 【星洲日报 SinChew】 http://ent.sinchew.com.my/node/60427 【中国青年网 ChinaYouth】 http://fun.youth.cn/2015/0927/2214687.shtml 【环球娱乐网 GlobalEntertainment】 http://yule.2258.com/movie/huayu/1080407.html 【东方日报 OrintalDaily】 http://www.orientaldaily.com.my/entertainment/yl601088 【成报网 SingPao】 http://www.singpao.com/yl/mx/201509/t20150927_573412.html 【菲华日报 ChineseJournalToday】 http://www.chinesejournaltoday.com/%E7%8E%8B%E6%99%B6%E6%A…/ 【济南网络广播电视台 IjnTV】 http://ent.ijntv.cn/2015-09-27/927460.html 【酸柠娱乐 SuanNing】 http://www.suanning.com/news/gangtai/2015/0927/14861.html 【中国搜索 ChinaSo】 http://big5.chinaso.com/…/100020003270902144332386573045173… 【V看天下 VistaStory】 http://www.vistastory.com/a/201509/38232.html 【星球网 PlanetsDaily】 http://www.planetsdaily.com/yule/2015_09_28_31875.shtml 【辣手网 LakSou】 http://www.laksou.com/…/%E5%90%B4%E5%90%9B%E5%A6%82%E8%9D%…/ 【女巫网 Nvwu】 http://ent.nvwu.com/201509/58019.shtml 【一乐电影网 YiLe123】 http://www.yile123.com/article/mingxing/16373/ 【鄂东网 XianZhaiWang】 http://www.xianzhaiwang.cn/ent/109991.html 【东网 OnCC】 http://hk.on.cc/…/20150926/bkn-20150926180352805-0926_00862…  

21st century The Prestigious Brand Award 2015 - International Media Coverage

20Jan 2016
【央视台CCTV】 http://gxtv.cntv.cn/2015/04/07/ARTI1428375283223263.shtml 【新浪网SINA】 http://ln.sina.com.cn/fs/economy/2015-04-07/110410827.html…  【凤凰网IFENG】 http://nb.ifeng.com/qyzx/detail_2015_04/07/3754935_0.shtml 【中国网报道CHINA.COM】 http://jjzg.china.com.cn/1653/1.html 【新华网报道XINHUA】 http://www.hb.xinhuanet.com/2015-04/07/c_1114892245.htm 【 厦门礼道文化媒体报道】 http://www.lidaoguoji.com/detail-243.html 【厦门礼道电子商务网报道】 http://www.shenzhouyouli.com/detail-1052.html 【 中花诚 信联盟网报道】 http://zhcxlm.lidaoguoji.com/details/254.html 【 海峡名茶网报道】 http://www.hxmcw.cn/detail/xingyedongtai/26180.html 【海峡名酒网报道】 http://www.hxmjw.cn/detail/pinpaizixun/3954.html 【海峡礼品产业网报道】 http://www.hxlpcyw.com/detail/xinwenzixun/10238.html 【海峡旅游产业网报道】 http://www.hxlycyw.com/detail/guoneiyouzixun/8735.html 【食品产业网报道】 http://www.hxspcyw.com/detail/shipinxinwen/10240.html 【诚信联名网报道】 http://www.hxjjcyw.com/detail/xingyexinwen/3804.html 【海峡汽车产业网报道】 http://hxqccyw.com/detail/xingyexinwen/8632.html 【海峡服饰产业网报道】 http://hxfscyw.com/detail/xingyeguanzhu/10129.html 【 海峡会销网报道】 http://hxhxw.cn/detail/yejiezixun/3649.html

Asia Honesty Award 2015

16Dec 2015
ASIA HONESTY AWARD 2015 The most influential business award in Asia-Asia Honesty Award has once again established in Kuala Lumpur with 500 of the Asian top entrepreneurs and the accompany of CCTV filming “Overseas Chinese” today. Asia Honesty Award is established by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), core organized by HWT group. Till now, over 1000 enterprises in Asia had been awarded due to their understanding business and management with honesty. Asia Honesty Award is a symbol of honesty which had been pursued by most of the enterprises and customer. We are also been recognized as the “Nobel prizes in business” by major media and institutions. Along with the development of Asia economy, honesty is now more precious than ever. Honesty is not only a moral behaviour, a responsibility, a code of conduct; it is also an invisible asset, a resource that benefits and lead to an unbeatable enterprise. As a top Asian business organization, Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) has been receiving enthusiastic response since the first establishment in 2012. We have successfully surge up a new tide in business field and rebuild a new definition of “Honesty” There are 3 main categories of the Asia Honesty Award to be commended: Asia Honesty Enterprise Award, Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award and Asian Honest Product Award. If nominees passed with 3 prizes, they will be commended with Asia Top 100 Honesty Brand Award. After whole year of nomination and examination, there are 158 units and enterprises successfully stand out of a crowd this year.

Golden Phoenix Award 2015

08Sep 2015
The 3rd Golden Phoenix Award 2015 was grandly held on 5 September 2015 at palace of the golden horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is organized by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), Co-organized by HWT Group. The ceremony was officiated by the Guest of Honour, YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (Minister of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia) and YB Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah (Deputy Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation). Golden Phoenix Award is created to recognize women's excellent contribution as in business, entrepreneurship, social and humanitarian works. In 2015, Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) specially appointed 7 fabulous women who came from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nepal and Malaysia as Golden Phoenix Award Ambassador, to promote and develop the spirit of Golden Phoenix. They are included, Ambassador of Japan- Datin Sri Michibata Yasuyo Ambassador of Nepal- Raveena Desraj Shrestha Ambassador of Malaysia- Datin Sri Esther Hu Sze Yin, Dr. Maggie Fong, Pocotee Loh Ambassador of Taiwan- Tsai I Chao Ambassador of Hong Kong- Dato Sri Dr Helen Fong This award are divided into 7 categories, which is Belle Awards, Cultural Achievement Awards, Entrepreneur Awards, Economic Contribute Awards, Benevolence Awards, Mars Awards, 21st century The Golden Phoenix Awards. The nominees for this awards, is judged by their leadership, vision, achievement, corporate performance, community engagements and overall performance of their professional and personal integrity. An assessment will be made by a panel of independent judges comprised of prominent and successful entrepreneurs and leaders, nominee's essay, factors stated above and their overall performance as a leader in the organization. The Guest of Honour YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz hope that the organizer can continuously organize this award ceremony every year, in order to gather the influences of women's power that come from the winners, and it will become the benchmarking of the Asia Women Business. She believes that women will become a powerful force that influences the Asia economic development. Deputy Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation YB Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah said that, Golden Phoenix Award 2015 is a worth promoting event. He said that, women that involved in political and business sector had already proven their ability and competency. He appeal to all the women, take Golden Phoenix as their life goal, take the winners as the role models, to strive and struggle for their lives. The organizing chairlady Dato Sri Paduka Jenny Hoon said that, she would like to express her deepest gratitude to the community, medias and government as they giving us fully support and cooperation. And also, Dato Sri Paduka Jenny Hoon would like to encourage women all around the world to stand up, don’t just be an ordinary women, we should became an extraordinary women that can create value for the community. The President of AEEF Prof. Dato Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan indicated that Golden Phoenix Award had come to third, he hope all the award winners to unite and cooperation, because he believes that women power will became the most influential power in 21st Century.

The 4th "21st Century The Prestigious Brand Award"

10Apr 2015
21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award held since 2012, it is the largest brand award ceremony in Asia which comes with large number of nomination and it extensive influence. And, 21st Century the prestigious Brand Award had hailed as the "Nobel Brand" by the business community. This year, 21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award will be held in Galaxy Banquet Hall at 2nd of March 2015 (Thursday). 21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award and Top Corporate Leader Award was established by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), co-organized by HWT Group and sponsored by Midtou Global Financial Ltd. 11 categories of 21st century the prestigious brand award to be commended: The Prestigious Company Award The Prestigious Personal Improvement or Accomplishment Award The Prestigious Economic Contribute Award The Prestigious Political Contribute Award The Prestigious Cultural Achievement Award The Prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute Award The Prestigious Service Quality Award The Prestigious Product Quality Award The Prestigious Health and Beauty Award The Prestigious Entrepreneur Award The Prestigious Master Class Award During the year of organizing 21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award 2015, the assessment committee had made overall assessment of thousand nominate units around the world. After a rigorous selection, there are 100 enterprises will receive this precious award. The theme of the night is "Bollywood" which represent the culture of India, the faith of life and the courage of pursuing dream. Mainly, the assembly hopes to promote and remind the value of dream and passion that reflected in Bollywood, because it helps enterprises to sustain in the business's world. The founder and president of Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation Prof. Dato 'Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan during the welcome speech said that, "21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award is created to praise those outstanding and successful" Brand "in 21st century. At the same time, the award ceremony had encouraging enterprises to build their own brand and create hundred years enterprise. Besides, Prof. Dato 'Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan also very pleased with the support of Asia politics and business circle, it made 21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award widely hailed as "the Noble in Business", and enhance consumer awareness and perception. " Our guest of honor, Malaysia Deputy Minister of Education II-YB Kamalanathan s / oP Panchanathan during the opening speech said that, "he like the theme of" Bollywood ". Continue by that, Malaysia education system had played a very important role in establishing a healthy economic and cultural environment. Furthermore, according to the 11 shifts to transform the education system in Malaysia education blueprint 2015, Malaysia education seek to provide equal access to quality education of an international standard, to ensure the next generation able to grasp more language ability. " Our guest of honor, Malaysia Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation II YB Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah during the speech said that, "Malaysia economic development is in transition period, we are gradually transit from resource-dependent to innovation-driven. Continue by that, innovation-driven not only about product and technology innovative, it also included innovation of management, system and strategy. Besides, the implementation of innovation-driven will also improve enterprises core competitiveness, national economic growth, and achieve the great vision of the country. " Top Corporate Leader Award "Top Corporate Leader Award" is a most representative award for entrepreneur In Malaysia, made to feature substantially who have prominent achievement in business, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society. Continue by that, the winner of Top Corporate Leader 2015 goes to Dato 'Norman Pang and Dato'Dr. Nicholas Ho. Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) established in 2011 by Malaysia media tycoon Dato 'Seri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan, at Hong Kong. AEEF an International Non-Profit Business Organization which consists of members in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India, Australia, USA and Africa; which aiming gathers all elites and promote to the succeed new era In the past three years, 21st Century the Prestigious Brand Award had become Asia largest award ceremony. That comes with thousand nomination and winners. The mission of AEEF is empowering people around the world to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching and uplifting culture.

Apology Statement to Gabungan Ikatan Persatuan Cina Malaysia

10Apr 2015
Due to the case of "Golden Phoenix Award Presentation Ceremony 2014" used the name of "Gabungan Ikatan Persatuan Cina Malaysia" as a supporting partner, without formal permissions. Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) are here to made a public apology in expiation of our mistakes. For this matter, it was not our intention to cause any damage or inconvenience, but a very big negligence of "Golden Phoenix Award Presentation Ceremony 2014" preparatory committee. We have investigated the incident thoroughly and have disciplined the member concerned. We hope that we can work past this miscommunication and return to a mutual relationship of trust and respect.